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Start a project site

Starting a project site is easy. Permaculture Pathways supports you from start to finish with our learning materials, staff, and startup kit. Start-Up Kit Download

The start-up kit contains:

  1. A brief instruction sheet (for more directions, see the bottom of this page)

  2. A page to collect your list of garden talent

  3. A page for all property owners to sign to give their permission to use the land

  4. A page to sign up neighbors, volunteers, and/or talent

  5. A page of door hanger strips to leave at your neighbors' houses to gain interest and volunteers

  6. A poster to announce the project with tear-off strips for contact info

Participation Levels

We can help with:

Garden design, permaculture design, art design, natural building instruction, grant writing, scheduling maintenance work parties, finding participants, sponsors, and more!

Get help from one of our designers or program organizers

If you need assistance contact our Program Manager who will connect you with one of our staff.


You can also ask questions on our Facebook page

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